About Heart of Killarney


Heart of Killarney is an initiative to increase awareness of the locations of public access AEDs.


The AED unit is located in an iconic telephone box on Main Street, in the heart of Killarney town centre.


The Phone Box AED is the latest initiative to help make Killarney become the most ‘heart safe’ town in Ireland.

The Story

Historically the phone box played a huge part of Ireland’s communities. They were the lifeline that kept families together. Now they can do that again by housing these life saving devices and help the public recognise and remember the locations of the AEDs.

As with other heart healthy projects, Killarney aims to lead on this innovative idea. We hope to see a national roll out over the next few years.

The team at the Heart Of Killarney have created a template for the project. This will be provided on request to other towns that want to follow.

There are currently Killarney has 13 public access AEDs in Killarney. These devices have been proven to significantly improve the chances of survival for someone who has an ‘out of hospital’ cardiac arrest.

The team at The Heart of Killarney will work with the existing groups in the Killarney area to strengthen the ‘Chain of Survival’.

Killarney aims to be the most heart safe town in Ireland, with community first responders, public access AEDs and public training initiatives. The Heart of Killarney compliments the existing services in achieving the overall goal of reducing the number of lives lost to sudden cardiac arrests each year.